Thursday, 7 November 2013

Why Men Should Try Pilates Exercises for a Change

Enough with those gut-crunching and time consuming gym sessions! They are frustrating, tiring and usually not fruitful for people with different medical conditions. Those strenuous workouts are only for the young and healthy. Since you are none of the two, you feel there is no chance you can make it to a healthier lifestyle, rite? Wrong!
Men of all ages can do Pilates for incredible results. According to the general perception, Pilates are not meant for a man because Pilates classes have very few males and a good number of females. But I can give some good reasons to try Pilates and shun the idea that it’s an exercise for the sissies.
  •  It strengthens your abs
Though Pilates is a full body exercise but most males fail to notice that. So, let’s talk their way. Certain Pilates exercises are known to strengthen the muscles of your abs. if you desire a finely chiseled and sculpted abdominal area, then there is no better exercise than Pilates. All those men out there don’t have to spend hours on building “six packs” because it can now be achieved with less effort. If Pilates is done properly with breathing control, it can prove to be an effective workout for building lower as well as that upper abs.
  • It can prove a vital complementary training
Usually Pilates is performed by sports persons who are already taking some training or enrolled in some other fitness programs. Even some athletes incorporate Pilates to complement training sessions. While you try and develop endurance, Pilates offer core strength so that those muscles can be utilized with more power. No matter what sport you practice, Pilates will strengthen your core and make it simple to do other sports.
  • Some great athletes of the past did Pilates
If you are an aspiring athlete uncertain of your training, then incorporating Pilates can bring some unexpected results. Don’t believe me but the athletes of the past have set an inspiring example. And yes, they were males. Ruben Brown and Jason Kidd are the examples of some tough athletes who added Pilates in their workout and achieved new milestones of fitness.
  • The idea of Pilates was conceived by a man
Though women have dominated the industry of Pilates, it was a man who invented Pilates. Joseph Pilates was the brain that introduced contrology as a means to gain control and balance over your body. Now after you know it was invented by a man, many men might be at ease to add this form of exercise in their fitness regime.

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