Monday, 4 November 2013

Pilates Exercises - Cut To the Core

Wellness and general fitness is an integral part of life but very few people do it the right way. Perhaps you tried embracing health and fitness through gut crunching and intense exercises without any fruitful results. Whether it's intense cardio, swimming or slinging weights for an hour, people waste lot of their time and money in achieving that sleek and finely chiseled figure that everyone would adore.

However, very few actually reach the state they idealize. What do you suppose they are doing wrong? Though all of the above mentioned exercises burn calories to some extent, there is something missing. Most exercises target various parts of the body and they also cause weight loss but they just can't chisel your mid-section.

For instance, aerobics is a good exercise for hands and legs but it does not focus on the core. On the flip side, Pilates is an exceptional form of workout routine that focuses on strengthening the core. Pilates moves can trigger fat burning but its claim to fame is the fact that it changes your body shape without causing any side-effects to bones and joints like most exercises. It's true that most people start Pilates in the hope of losing weight but the flattering comments on the body will not let them quit.

If you wish to cut the chase and go straight to strengthening and refining the core, then Pilates exercises are for you. When we say Pilates is core-centric, it means the focus lies on the back and abs to work in sync for the proper alignment and protection of the spine. However, the idea of core is not just centered on the abs and chest; it goes beyond to the neglected areas like the inner thighs and pelvis.

Pilates teaches how to engage the core to support the torso or the spinal region by generating support from the core. A few sessions into a Pilates class, mat or private session will change the way you move, run, bend and do other activities. Such is the power of this unique form of exercise.

Unlike other workouts or gym routines, Simple Pilates moves only focus on the core and midsection. Everyone desires strong and finely chiseled abs but they go for weight loss instead. Let's just say that they are tricked into believing that weight loss is key to fitness. Most people aiming for weight loss end up frustrated because no matter how much weight they lose, the core still feels sluggish and unrefined. Pilates brings in an approach to cut the chase and focus purely on the core.

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