Monday, 4 November 2013

Osteoporosis Do’s and Don’ts– How Core Pilates Exercises Can Prevent Bone Thinning

Some core exercises and Pilate workout can help in the maintenance of bone density but then there is a long-term routine that exerts pressure on bones. Whatever bone strength you have developed will be lost when exercise is discontinued. The rule of thumb indicates that you should never stop Pilates. However, there are certain rules that will help you retain the benefits of Pilates exercises.

  • The Dos

Continue with weight bearing exercises on feet rather than plow in yoga or other exercises that exert pressure on the spine. When a Pilates performer susceptible to osteoporosis, rolls on her back, there is a greater risk of fractures. However the exercises in which your feet bear the weight are ideal for strengthening the core.

Work on your balance more often and dig out Pilates exercises that help you achieve that. Women prone to osteoporosis will realize that falling can lead to hip or wrist fractures. Standing Pilates exercises have proven to help in maintaining balance.

If you ever opt for cardiovascular or resistances training make sure it’s conducted with all safety features in place.

Sit and stand with support for your back. In some extreme cases, even sneezing hard or coughing can lead to critical fractures. The best way to minimize that possibility is by sitting or standing against something for support.

  • The Donts

Try not to flex your spine forward. The patients with the possibility of osteoporosis can have great problems with balance if they make this a habit

Never bend over to pick something off the floor and prevent rolling around on your spine. Spinal flexion is good for younger bones. But when you have thinning bones, some spinal moves are completely contradictory.

Avoid doing crunches or sit ups but there are some abdominal strengthening alternatives in the world of Pilates.

Avoid flexion of leg to the side and stay away from extreme flexion exercises. For a patient of osteoporosis, some exercises do more harm than good.

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