Monday, 4 November 2013

3 Extraordinary Moves With Pilates Ring

The addition of the Pilates ring to a workout will remind you what good workouts really look like. It takes a plain Pilates session to the next level and perhaps this is why it is referred to as the magic circle. This light device is made of flexible rubber mounted over high quality metal with a standard diameter of 12 to 14 inches. Its not hard to squeeze but the mild resistance from the Pilates ring makes it an excellent exercise gear.

The best part is that this portable ring can be carried along and helps you exercise various muscle groups. Mentioned below are some toning exercises that can give great results when performed with a Pilates magic circle.
Hands behind the back
Start off by standing straight while keeping your heels together. Take a deep breath and engage the core. Place the circle behind the back while holding it with both hands. Keep the palms open and fingers pointed as you start to take the position. Move the magic circle  down while counting to 10 as you exhale. The triceps and back muscles will be toned from this exercise.

Straight arm yoga

This one also requires the performer to stand straight while keeping the abs tightened. Hold the circle directly in front of the chest at arm’s length. Keep the palms open and fingers pointing straight ahead as you hold the magic wheel between the palms. Move the circle slowly above your head while counting to 10 and lower it to the same starting position during exhaling. Repeat this routine at least five times. The muscles used in this exercise are those of the arms, back, core and the chest.

Leg presses
The starting position for this exercise is lying on the left side while resting the upper body weight on the elbow. Keep your legs straight and place the circle between them. Extend the legs such that the toes point outwards. Keep the hips firmly on the ground but slightly raise the ribs region to engage the core. Inhale and squeeze the magic circle. Count to 10, release the circle and exhale

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