Monday, 4 November 2013

Picking the Right Type of Pilates

Pilates has an unusual appeal for the fit and unfit. The spectrum of the benefits of Pilates spans from recovering athletes to the modern mystics. Hence, everyone is attracted to this new idea introduced a century ago by Joseph Pilates. Over the years, it has taken various forms and perhaps what’s taught today in the name of Pilates might be something alien to Joe.
Anyhow, variety is the spice of life that adds various flavors.  Also, there are various ways of teaching Pilates that adds more spice. Let’s find out the different flavors introduced by Pilates trainers.

  • Authentic Pilates

This is the type of Pilates just the way Joe intended and taught personally. Authentic form includes the undiluted philosophy of self-awareness and teaches mind and body control. However, there has been a recent addition of Swiss Ball work in authentic Pilates that never existed in the original exercises taught by Joe.

  • Contemporary Pilates

This form of Pilates was the invention of some of the recent Pilates schools that understand the importance of posture and bio mechanics. According to contemporary Pilates, some postures are considered poor in Pilates. If a user enrolls in a gym, he is most likely to come across contemporary form of Pilates.

  • Oxalates /Cogitates

Yoga and Pilates have one thing in common, they are both meant to develop focus and mental awareness. While Pilates helps you focus on movements, yoga will enable holding on to a position. Combine the benefits of these two exercises and it will help reduce stress and gain more flexibility. Most gyms and Pilates centers have trademarked the second spelling and offer the training for a combination of these two forms of exercises.

  • Windsor Pilates

This technique is a hybrid of aerobics and Pilates and it aides in active fat burning. Young individuals aiming for improved cardiovascular health will find great help in Windsor Pilates. This form of Pilates has more craze in US than anywhere else and some people even swear by it for trimming tummy fat.

  • Powerhouse Pilates

This form focuses on the region comprising of powerhouse muscles. Powerhouse muscles start from the end of the ribs and down to the pelvis region. This type of Pilates is a fine way for building strength and preventing injuries. Moreover, this could be an excellent start for Pilates beginners so that they can develop fitness in the core region which controls most body movements.

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