Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Standing Pilates Exercises

Pilates is one form of workout that is known to reduce inactivity in apparently lean but physically unfit individuals. Few years back, Pilates became more of a fad but now it has recovered from that phase. Today, Pilates exercises are the choice of people with varying fitness concerns. Apart from the obvious benefits, Pilates exercises can help you learn breathing techniques. If your idea of fitness is to get a slim and chiseled body, then standing Pilates is for you.

How Standing Pilates helps

From athletes to diabetic patients and from a pregnant woman to a patient with Parkinson’s disease, everyone gained an all-round fitness after practicing Pilates. As easy as standing Pilates might seem, the vast range of motions makes it decisively complicated. However, some striking features of standing Pilates will change your mind altogether.
  • It promotes muscle flexibility
  • It negates the need for exercising
  • When coupled with a good diet, Pilates can yield weight loss
  • Standing Pilates focuses on one limb at one time such that your balance is improved

Lunges are considered apt for toning the bottoms. It is an excellent exercise for hamstring muscles, lower abdomen and gluteus maximums. The performer has to stand straight and keep the shoulders in squared position. Both hands must be placed on the right thigh as the leg lunges in forward position. Meanwhile, the other leg is shifted backwards. Once you are able to maintain your balance, raise the arms backwards in line with the shoulders. Repeat five sets of lunges with each leg.

Leg lifts

By the looks of it, leg lifts are good for thighs but it also helps to fire up the abdominal muscles. If you desire slim legs and washboard abs, leg lifts will tone your lower body. The starting position for this exercise is standing straight and then brings the leg close to the chest. Clasp the knee to create better balance and hold that position while counting to ten. Release the leg and repeat the same with the other one.

These standing exercises will shape your body and strengthen the core. But most importantly, enjoy your workout routine to reap the benefits of Pilates.

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