Monday, 4 November 2013

Lifestyle Changes to Control Skin Conditions

When I say, we have to prevent an acne breakout; it does not only mean that we have to careful about what we apply over our skin. The upper layer of skin happens to be the biggest organ of the body in terms of surface area. As it turns out, it is also the most exposed part and responds to what we consume and the surroundings we expose it to. Take note of these small lifestyle changes that can create a great difference in suppressing acne.

Hit the Mat

Performing Pilates exercises in routine not only trims that waistline, but also suppresses stress (let me remind you, stress is the leading cause of acne), keeps a check on nuisance causing hormones, improves circulation that keeps the inner parts of skin aerated and takes away cellular wastes. But there is one little problem, sweat from extensive exercise can cause flares due to skin irritation.

Keep away from perspiration-trapping garments, and take a shower immediately after working out to avoid the problem.

Have uninterrupted sleep

A deep study reveals that whenever we miss an hour of sleep every night, the chances of psychological stress raises by 14%. But the question is what does stress and acne have in common? Stress elevates glucocorticoid production, that can trigger certain other abnormalities in skin function and this also includes exacerbating conditions including acne.

To get those sleep hours for the sake of beauty, reduce your thermostat to lower temperatures because cooler temperature will help you slip into slumber the moment you lie down to sleep.

Take it easy with Sugar

Some food items shoots blood glucose levels rapidly, causing a rise in insulin and this can lead to inflammation on cellular level. Heightened insulin in blood promotes a chain of hormonal reactions and a response that enhances the increase in the number of inflamed cells clogging up the skin pores. Another drawback is the overactive oil secretion of sebaceous gland.

People who take diets with low glycemic index, including whole grains, vegetables, beans, and less white pasta, bread, and refined sugar, were less susceptible to acne breakouts.

Take a power nap

When you are in the middle of loads of work, it’s difficult to pull out some time for a nap. However, if you manage to do so, you won’t regret it. Hardly 15 to 20 minutes is all you need to get revitalized. This is the reason why it’s called power nap.

Take a brief nap mid afternoon because in the latter part of the day, it can turn into a sleep. When you are taking the nap, try to tune out the worries of the world and the time you spend in the nap is well worth it. It’s a perfect way to keep away stress – an underestimated cause of acne

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