Thursday, 7 November 2013

Weight Loss from Pilates– Can It Be Real?

Many people join group Pilates sessions in the hope of losing weight and get a slender physique like a dancer. The question is “can it be realistic? Can Pilates really serve as the diet pill that some people think it is? Well, the basic Pilates exercises are meant for core strengthening and cannot facilitate fat burning unless you take it to the advanced levels. In simple words, blending aerobics with Pilates can help in achieving weight loss.

However, the Pilates performer must be more realistic. If you join a Pilates session in the hope that it can help you lose 60 pounds of weight and get a rock hard bum, then that’s just dreaming with open eyes. For most people Pilates exercises are just a fad or misinterpretation. They have weight loss on their mind but Pilates produces a sculpting effect without changing the body weight.

Losing weight with Pilates

Just burn more calories than you consume and it will keep you tight. There is one thing for sure, weight is directly associated with calorie intake. If you wish to burn more calories than you take, it’s important to know the number of calories utilized in exercise. Even after an intensive hour of Pilates, the number of calorie consumption is not that big.

Con the contrary, aerobics, cycling and other sports can help you burn calories but then they are not as good for body sculpting. Hence doing only Pilates will leave a gap and achieving weight loss becomes difficult.

Comparing Pilates with other weight loss exercises

A comparison of Pilates with a list of general exercises elucidates that the calories burnt are just midway between extreme exercises like running and walking. Losing weight with Pilates is achievable to some extent. The only problem starts when people do it for the sole reason of losing weight. If you wish to see a lesser number every time you step on that weighing machine, then I would suggest trying other exercises for weight loss.

The actual idea of fitness is to trim the fat and strengthen the muscles such that they get well-toned. Overall weight loss could also mean loss of lean muscles. I would conclude on the note that weight loss with Pilates is achievable but not the way most people want it. If you are too desperate to lose tons of weight, I suggest trying other exercises.

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