Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Sciatica Therapy with Pilates Magic Ball

For those who seek ultimate relief against sciatica, there are various Pilates ball exercises to alleviate this painful condition. However, people often complain that their sciatica pain is worsened after stretches. Sciatica is a sensitive condition and the pain worsens when people do it wrong. But before discussing the magic ball Pilates exercises, lets first clarify that sciatica is not a real disorder but a mere symptoms of other problems. If you are able to identify the cause of your symptoms, it will be easier to find the right ball exercises against the discomfort.

Sciatica due to herniated disc

When the symptom of sciatica emerges when there is disturbance in herniated disc. When this disc protrudes backwards to compress sciatic nerve, it results in an excruciating pain that starts from the legs and goes up to your button. Pilates magic ball can be used to help shift or localize the pain. It starts with sitting straight on the edge of the ball while the feet remain flat on the ground. The performer has to move back slowly so that the hands can reach the floor. The back will then rest on the ball while you remain in an arched position.

Sciatica from Isthmic Spondylolisthsis

When there is any major disturbance in the spinal column, the vertebrae of the region get affected. This condition can remain dormant in the childhood due to muscular flexibility but as the muscles grow stiff, pain starts to develop. Mostly flex-based exercises along with stabilization can treat this disease with success.

Sciatica due to Spinal Steno sis

This is an age-related condition or may result from traumatic accidents. Spinal Steno sis causes constriction of merve passages. The sufferer feels pain while walking and can only be suppressed by sitting. Bending exercises or stretches for lower back muscles are ideal in this case. You can either perform this exercise while standing but its best when performed while sitting on the magic ball. In this way, the magic ball bears all the weight

Sciatica resulting from degenerative disc disease

Degenerative disc disease is a condition that worsens with age when the degenerated disc presses on the nerve and causes pain in lower back. The best cure for this condition is possible when movement of some segments is restricted. On the flip side, magic ball can show some miracle for those perform lower appropriately.

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