Friday, 1 November 2013

Interesting Myths about Pilates

Personally, I am a big fan of Pilates or anything else that makes you feel fit and spend a healthier lifestyle. However, I just can’t stand the fact that there are various misconceptions associated with Pilates. Here are some common myths about Pilates we come across every day.
If I ask Madonna and Lebron James have in common, many people might say its fame. But there is something more. Both do Pilates. Some of the readers might have an eyebrow raised with the mention of Lebron James here which brings us to our first popular myth.

Myth #1: Pilates is for the women

Since Pilates is known to strengthen the muscles of pelvis and lower abdomen, it is believed to be a type of exercise only for the females. Moreover, there are no heavy weight lifting and muscle building in Pilates which is yet another reason why it is perceived as a women only activity. But let’s face the truth. The inventor of this form of exercise was a man. Secondly, many athletes use Pilates exercises along with cardio and weight training. Though men rarely take gym classes for Pilates, it does not mean that Pilates is only for the females.

Myth #2: Pilates is done for losing weight

Every exercise causes loss of calories but that does not mean that it’s meant for weight loss. According to some studies, Pilates workouts are not effective in adult females for weight loss. Most of these exercises are meant to improve core strength. However, Pilates can be used in combination with other exercises to lose weight but doing these exercises for the sole purpose of losing weight is pointless. For instance running on a treadmill along with some Pilates exercises will help you get in shape.

Myth #3: Pilates can be performed only with special machines

There are different types of Pilates and there is one form that requires the use of machines. The Cadillac, Wunda chair and the Reformer has become the signature of Pilates. But there is more to this form of exercise than those strange looking contraptions, pulleys, straps and springs. If you don’t have access to any Pilates machines, you can still do around 500 Pilates exercises with a simple mat.

Myth #4: Pilates makes you stronger

Most definitely, after a Pilates workout, you will feel better control and improved balance but that does not mean that you can get stronger overall. Pilates is aimed for abdominal muscle endurance and flexibility of bones. And folks, there is a world of difference between endurance and strength. If you are not training for weight lifting, you cannot have strength to lift much weight just by doing Pilates. But you see common sense is not so common. People associate different myths and continue to believe in that.

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