Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Enjoy the Spirit of Golf – Pilates Style


If you were to find one elite sport where Pilates is highly beneficial, then it would be golf. However, I won’t discuss the benefits right now. Today, I will take you along the suburbs and unveil a unique side of both; Pilates and golf.

Getting frustrated on a golf course is a potential killer to the spirit of the game. When you have chosen to play golf, try not to choose frustration. Forget about your worries and while you are in the game, try to be in the game. Pilates exercises can teach you quite a few lessons regarding breathing control and relaxation. Also keeping unrealistic expectations or setting unattainable goals will only result in frustration from failure and failure from frustration.

Forget about these two F’s. The best way to do so is to play the game with friends or with a golfing partner who wants to enjoy the game more than to win it. Again, Pilates is a similar experience where there is no apparent winning but pure pleasure. Golfing can be an amazing way to spend your day off or to get a break from a long tiring week. However, playing it with friends can turn it into a so much better experience. It helps you improve your skills while simultaneously enjoying the game.

Since golf is not a solo sport, you can make plans with your colleague, work mate or an old friend with whom you can not only enjoy the game but also discuss old stories, revive sweet memories. A golf course can also serve as the perfect venue for conducting some casual meetings with your business partner or client. Unlike other games, golf allows enough time for social engagements and discussions during the game.

Having a partner or friend, accompany you to the game, adds so many elements that you get an amazing experience. Those who have tried solo golfing can never pick up the true spirit of the game. If you are among those people who like to play golf very often, then I would recommend you play it with a partner or friend. I can bet that you will never want to go back to being solo. If none of your friends know golf or you couldn’t find anyone to accompany you, and then look around the club house, you can probably find someone who can join you for a round of golf.

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