Tuesday, 29 October 2013

3 Pilates Exercises to Blast off Your Muffin Top

Oh that muffin top belly - source of embarrassment for all females and males alike. It’s ironic how something that sounds great can be so maddening for some. But your protruding belly is the reason that some great pairs of jeans get banished in your closet forever. I know it’s not fair. So to help you get rid of excessive belly fat, I have assembled some core strengthening exercises.

“Neck pull” burns your mid-section


The paunch under your lower abdomen cannot disappear with a few exercises but the neck pull Pilates workout can speed up fat burning in that region. Follow the method and you will do just fine: 

  • Sit straight on a hard mat with your legs extended and completely grounded to the floor. Maintain an upright position so that your back remains straight.
  • Pull yourself as far as possible from your lower body to keep yourself straight.
  • Slowly scoop your belly and slowly bring your upper body towards your legs.
  • Support the weight of your head with your hands and curl up so that the top of your head reaches your knees.
  • Stay in that position for 10 seconds and then stack back to the original position.

 “Teaser” targets every muscle in core region


This particular exercise is of great importance since it targets every muscle in your core from your shoulders and all the way up to the lower abdomen. Read on to find how it’s done: 

  • Sit up straight and roll back slightly while pulling in your belly.
  • Keep your legs straight and stretch them to 45 degrees while pointing those toes as far as possible.
  • Hold in that position for 30 seconds.
  • Get back to the floor and then achieve the “V” position with complete control.
  • If you can do it five times, you are doing pretty well!

 “Crisscross” trims the oblique’s

There are some muscles along the sides of your abdomen. Most exercises that aim to trim belly fat overlook the lard over oblique muscles. This exercise will help you achieve a slimmer midsection by cutting off fat round the corners. Read closely to follow:

  • Use both your hands to support the back of your head and incline slightly so that your shoulder blades are not touching the floor.
  • Keep your hips firmly on the ground and rotate your upper body to the right side such that the back part of your armpit goes past the opposite knee. 
  • The opposite leg moves in as you twist and while twisting to the other side the first leg moves out and goes straight in the air while the other leg bends in. 
Try as many twists as you can without stressing your back. 

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