Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A Suitable Diet Plan for Pilates

In any physical triumph, there is a lot of strain on different sets of muscles. Pilates is yet another core conditioning workout that tones abdominal muscles. Ideally, Pilates moves must be performed on empty stomach. While you are on Pilates training, your diet must contain balanced proportions of lean protein and complex carbs. Since you are aiming to strengthen the core muscles through Pilates routine, diet plays a crucial role in keeping you upbeat.

Hydration is another vital aspect of Pilates or any other fitness regime. Suppressing thirst during Pilates session is not a good idea. Sipping liquids while doing exercises will keep you hydrated and motivated in workout.

Drink protein

High glucose and energy drinks are perfect for intense workouts and cardio. In case of Pilates workout, protein shakes will keep you sustained and energized. Only two table spoons of protein powder along with your favorite fruit punch or smoothie will take you through a Pilates session. Some flavored protein shakes might also do the trick.

Before Pilates workout, protein intake is recommended in liquid form so that the stomach does not feel bloated or full during exercise. Moreover, the presence of protein in the system is an assurance that there is ample energy supply for Pilates.

Diet for core strength

Pilates exercises offer countless fitness benefits but it’s not a calorie burning routine, at least not the original Pilates. Contrary to the energetic exercises, Pilates performers don’t need a high calorie diet. It might further be suggested to limit calorie intake to 1200 for people who are only on Pilates regime. However, some dietitians suggest 1500 calories in a day are ideal for a Pilates diet. In the presence of differing opinions, it’s difficult to keep track of what’s best for a Pilates student.

Balancing the diet for Pilates

You might have known Pilates as a form of exercise to balance body and mind. The same idea applies to Pilates diet. While doing contrology exercises, the mind is aware and keeps a balance within the body. Similar is the case with Pilates diet plan. The diet should contain small quantities of food from all major nutritional groups.

How much calories are too much

It’s hard to quantify the number of calories allowed to a Pilates performer. Instead, it’s best you follow your instinct. Every individual is different and so are their food requirements. You know best when your body requires nourishment. This might seem like a trickier question. No need to go into the details of special diet plan. What you can do is restrict your calorie intake to a normal person’s diet.

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