Wednesday, 30 October 2013

All about Pilates for seniors


If anyone believes that Pilates was for the young, then let me assure you the pioneer, Joseph intended it to be ageless. Well, there is no such thing as aging, because you are only as old as you feel. Most gyms introducing Pilates exercises aim to make everyone feel better irrespective of their age. Even if you are over 50, Pilates exercises can be a good way to improve core strength, flexibility and balance. Since there are certain low-impact Pilates exercises, it can ideally be practiced by aged individuals without the fear of injuries.

For the elderly, the benefits of Pilates are countless. It helps in improving posture, building stamina and reduces the risk of tripping over. Hence Pilates is beneficial for people of all ages. Aged people are likely to suffer from various medical conditions like thinning of bones, postural problems and arthritis. Pilates might just be the exercise your body needs.

Which Pilates exercise is good for seniors

Chair Pilates can be a good exercise for beginners but also proven its worth for seniors of varying fitness levels. Pilates can have innumerate applications and the performer can find a broad range of Pilates exercises of reduced stress according to their age. The key idea to improve core strength.
  • Pilates therapy regime is introduced by some physical therapists who are by choice, Pilates instructors as well

  • Chair Pilates is usually feasible in hospitals or senior retirement centers. This form of Pilates can bring great relief for very old seniors.

  • Mat Pilates is for people of all ages for some of its gentle exercise can bring back mobility.

  • Pilates reformer can assist with some strenuous exercises.

  • Pilates Cadillac can help perform certain exercises which can be modified clinically.

  • Pilates accessories include some therapeutic instruments like elastic band aids which assist in various Pilates exercises.

  • Pilates benefits for seniors

When diet, exercise, therapies and everything else fails for seniors, Pilates can return some vigor. It offers the right dose of exercise, teaches breathing control and balance. As a result of aging, human body gets rigid but Pilates can effectively hedge against or even reverse those effects. Moreover, gravity causes the bones in our spine to compress making the muscles suffer but Pilates can help improve the flexibility of interconnecting muscles. For more benefits from Pilates exercises, please read on.

  • It maintains muscle mass when it gets slack due to aging
  • Maintains a fluid muscular movement
  • Improves strength which goes down with growing age
  • Improves balance and prevents the risk of injury
  • Provides flexibility to stiffened joints
  • Improves coordination and brings back the lost vigor

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